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The Way to the Top: Important Factors in Web Search and SEO

SEO on a monitorGetting to the top of search results opens your business to more leads. This is why the fight for the top spot can be crucial for your business. When you bank on the same keywords as your competitors, it can be tough to maintain your spot.

The brand that ranks first is likely to have the biggest share of the market. This is because most online users understand that the top spot is the most relevant to their search. If you want more site visits, ranking within the first page is the way to go.

You might think getting a high ranking in search engines is easy. These online search tools continuously improve their services, so the criteria for ranking may change often. SEO experts from Coforge Marketing and other agencies in New York have pointed out surefire ways to keep the top spot.

Page Linking

Will you trust information from only one source? Same goes for web searches. Top results are those that different websites link to for more information. Think of it as a recommendation. The more sites linking to your page, the more it seems legitimate and relevant to the searcher. Building links to different websites increases your chances of ranking high in search engines. Using blogs and guest posts from established pages can also make your website more relevant.


Gone are the days when search engines only required you to have the right keywords to rank. Now, you need to make sure the content on your page is informative and easy to read. Not only does it help the page rank higher, it is also easier for readers to understand. It is no longer about the number of times you mention a keyword, it’s more about the quality of your content.

Search engines may change the game yearly, but these ranking factors will remain important. Keep them in your arsenal of marketing strategies to secure the top spot in search results.