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Three Industries That Will Likely Benefit from Local SEO

A Business Owner Opening Her ShopAbout 80% of consumers turn to search engines when looking for local information. For this reason, it is imperative for local businesses to produce keyword-rich content that speaks to their target audience, as well as positive customer reviews to achieve better online visibility.

When it comes to reaping local SEO advantages, however, some companies benefit more than others. Here are four industries that should get in touch with an SEO company for an effective local marketing campaign:

Legal Services

Lawyers, perhaps, have the most to reap from local SEO. As they offer a specialized skill set, it will always be a priority for clients within their area to find the best option. For those who provide legal services, the key is in verifying your business name, contact number and address on online yellow pages and local search directories. Checking business listings proves not only the legitimacy of your business but also boosts the law firm website’s SEO rankings.

Plumbing and Electric Services

Clients usually look for plumbers and electricians to cater to their emergencies. As they want to resolve their concern in as little time as possible, they are likely to turn to Google. For this reason, companies that appear on the top pages of search engines always end up getting business.

Bars, Restaurants, Foodservice

Bars, restaurants, and the foodservice industry, in general, is service based. Therefore, their success is largely based on reviews on Yelp and social media. For businesses in this industry, local SEO campaigns and reputation management can make the difference between a huge ROI and a failed business.

These are just some of the industries that can benefit from local SEO, but any business can take advantage of a good campaign. Local SEO is a good way to market businesses as it is easy to manage and cheap to execute, as well as gives the company more credibility and exposure.