Three Tips for Great Content and SEO-Optimized Writing

SEO writing conceptSome people think that SEO writing and writing that captivates an audience are on extreme ends of the spectrum. Yes, SEO writing can be technical and would definitely require keywords to be interspersed within the text. But like any other kind of writing, there are ways to work around them without compromising the writing quality.

Structure your writing

As with any other writing, starting with a structure can help you organize your thoughts better — introduction, body, and conclusion. Jot down ideas within each section; they don’t need to be full sentences. Later, you can use them as a guide when you begin your actual writing. Focus on ensuring that your content is interesting and filled with things that your target audience will be interested in.

Don’t think about the keywords too much

Musselwhite Marketing and Consulting notes that one mistake newbie SEO writers make is that they think too much about how they could put as many keywords as possible. Instead of focusing on keywords, focus on the topic. Make sure every word you put counts and that they’re not just fluff. Focusing on the actual content will allow you to naturally use the keyword without you worrying about how to insert it in your text. Write first and don’t worry too much about SEO. When you go over it again, you might actually be surprised that your keywords naturally pop out.

Try to use the keyword in your title

Google often assumes that the first words it sees are most important. As such, you should try to use the keyword as part of your title to help your content with its ranking. To come up with a good title, try to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and think of what terms they might search for. Try to use these terms in your title, but do focus only one which you think is most relevant and important.

With these tips, you can surely come up with high-quality content that readers will enjoy and at the same time; will help push your ranks online.