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Top AdWords Features You Really Should Be Using

AdWords Management in PerthAdWords is a topnotch and complex advertising platform that offers advertisers a plethora of options. Below are some of the top features that you should be using to give your AdWords campaign an edge over your competitors.


This is actually a campaign type that enables you to continue serving ads to users who’ve already downloaded your app or visited your site. You could perform remarketing using text or image ads and target sites contextually or via managed placements, wherein you determine sites on which your remarketing ads should be displayed.

Creation of Image Ads

Put simply, you supply the URL of your site’s landing page and the AdWords system will instantly begin detecting elements of your site and create animated image ads. You’ll be given tons of options and you can choose which ads you like to purchase.

The Call-Only Campaign

This is exclusively for smartphone users. Once a user clicks on your call ads, a dialogue box will be exhibited on the user’s screen with an option to cancel or complete the call. While these ads don’t count as site clicks, only calls billed as clicks, an AdWords consultant in Perth says that conversion rates with a call-only ad are usually higher.

Call-Out Extensions

A huge aspect of Internet marketing is having plenty of real estate in prominent and targeted positions. When you incorporate call out extensions in your AdWords campaign — contact details, business address, as well as relevant site links and resources, you’ll obtain extra real estate, and more importantly, calls-to-action for your ads.

Flash Detection

AdWords can easily detect Flash and will not send Flash ads to mobile users for sites or pages that haven’t been optimised for mobile yet.

Google Analytics Sync

Syncing Google Analytics to your AdWords account provides you with powerful features that will aid you in creating Remarketing lists, importing goals as conversions, and viewing your cost data, keywords clicks, as well as Google Analytics data right in AdWords.

As you probably know by now (if not, YOU SHOULD), AdWords isn’t something you set up and then leave as is. To get the best ROI and really take advantage of AdWords, you should study it and remain updated on its newest innovative offerings.