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Trends in Corporate Video Production

Video ProductionTechnology has made it pretty easy for everyone regardless of their skill to take a video. Towards this end, video production has become an invaluable tool that both big and small businesses are taking advantage of. Several other reasons that explain the increased use of corporate video include:

  1. Extensive access to the internet and low-priced data plans make online video accessible from any place and at any time.
  2. Increased video traffic; Cisco forecasts an 80% increase in video traffic by the year 2019.
  3. Increased video consumption via video sharing sites and social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.
  4. The availability of sophisticated smartphones and cameras that can create high-quality videos.

Apart from taking advantage of cheap video production methods, businesses in Denver have to leverage on emerging corporate video trends to remain relevant. In our discussion, we will look at various trends in corporate video production.

  • The use of aerial and drone video

Some companies took to the trend towards the end of 2015, but it has immensely grown this year. Aerial and drone video technology allows businesses to capture spectacular aerial videos at an incredibly low price. Gone are the days when aerial shots could only be taken by a film crew from a helicopter at a hefty price. However, after the launch of the FAA task force that regulates commercial of drones, the trend will only increase as drones become affordable and more accessible.

  • Short video production for social media platforms

The prevalence of corporate video production on social media platforms has led to the need for short-term video production. End-users on social media barely have the time or the patience to watch long video footage; thus businesses are compelled to create video content tailored to this audience i.e. short and engaging content.

  • Specialization

Today, creating video content isn’t just about showing a few clients doing something related to your business; the average end-user is more interested in content that adds value. For example, a video footage created to inform a client about a particular product isn’t enough, but telling him how the video can help solve his (e.g. Business related) problems changes everything. Corporate videos are moving towards creating differentiated content from offering generic productions.

  • Integrating video with marketing

Great deals of businesses continue to use video as a stand-alone activity; a trend that is bound to change into integrating video with marketing activities. As such, video content has to be optimized for SEO so as to create a strong landing page presence; businesses can no longer rely on just putting videos on websites or YouTube anymore.

Adopting these four trends (the use of aerial and drones, short-form video production, specialization and video integration) in corporate video production go a long way in helping businesses remain relevant in this digital era.