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TV Adverts: Definitely Not a Dead Marketing Strategy

TV MarketingJingles, tagline and brand mascots are only some of the common ways to capture the audience’s attention. No wonder companies have been investing in television advertisements since it came out in 1941.

Fast forward to the present, changes in marketing trends called for changes in marketing strategies, but the effectiveness of adverts still makes it to the list. The year is only starting, so why not put your budget on television commercial production.

Why adverts are effective marketing strategies

In a research done by eMarketer, mobile ad spend would take over TV ad spend this year. This is due to the increasing patronage of people towards their phones and everything that comes with it. This leads companies to invest more in online advertisements more than the other platforms of marketing.

Ironically, however, online giants like Google and Netflix use a huge chunk of their marketing budget on TV advertisements. Why? Because television commercials still work. Though online marketing has a wider and easier reach, traditional adverts build bonds and grow brands. These are important things companies aim to have because it would have a bigger and longer impact on their company (and profits).

The rise of online competition is not a threat

The rise of online marketing platforms is not a threat despite its continuous growth. Rather, companies should take it as a complementary means to the traditional advertising method. Instead of taking it as a binary, these two forms of advertisement, despite differences, works better together. The build stronger connections through television ads and add the fuel of familiarity with online ads.

Who says the power of television is dead? It is not, and would not be so anytime soon, thanks to the way it is able to build a connection with the audience.