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Types of Commercial Window Tinting

Applying tint to a car windowWindow tinting has all the necessary tools that are needed to lower energy costs, reduce fading, enhance privacy, protect against graffiti, keep a shattered glass in place and most of all, improve the occupant’s comfort.

Unfortunately, UV rays silently cause insidious damages to your eyes and your skin. Luckily, the effects of these harmful rays can be controlled using a high-quality commercial window tint in AZ. This article describes various types of window tints and where to use them.

Anti Graffiti Film

A majority of businesses use significant amounts of glass doors and windows for them to create a good first impression of their business. Unfortunately, these businesses experience the recurring problem of graffiti and are plagued by their removal costs. These almost invisible tints are easily removable and act as the sacrificial surfaces that eliminate the need for an expensive window or door glass replacement.

Safety Film

Majorly used on office and storefront windows and doors, a safety tint helps by minimizing the effects of rough treatments of glass such as vandalism, break-ins, accidents and natures hazardous whims. They are designed such that they protect and strengthen vulnerable doors and windows, while at the same time maintaining an attractive exterior outlook.

Frosted film

A majority of people prefer this film since it offers you privacy at a fraction of the cost that you could have incurred with acid etched or textured decorative glass. Additionally, this option has more design flexibility in that you can incorporate a peephole in the form of a stylish design. This ensures that your security is taken care off. This film is also suitable for use in bathrooms, and any other rooms where privacy is of importance.

The above-described films have been engineered with heavy-duty materials that are well bonded to surfaces using adhesives to enhance strength. Once properly installed, the films protect your glass against unwanted surprises. This way, they sustain the integrity of your property and enhance security.

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