UAE Students Need More Skills in Today’s Multifaceted Job Market

International School in DubaiThe UAE government has deployed several programmes to help students acquire different skills to prepare them for the demands of their chosen career.

Gone are the days when it was enough to be adept in a single ability, as the changing times have prompted multiple careers to ask more credentials from potential talents. Aside from that, juggling responsibilities and managing them efficiently at the same time still seem to be a benchmark for most employers.

So what constitutes an efficient way to acquire new skills? There are plenty of options, although learning a new language is one great way to elevate your qualifications.

Bilingual Learning

A linguistics school in Dubai, for instance, can help you build a solid foundation for a career in the UAE. If English or French is not your first language, it may be a good idea to enrol in a learning class. Since UAE is a multicultural country, knowing that you can speak more than one language will definitely help in the workplace.

Aspiring designers, digital programmers and architects can sign up for short-term computer courses, which will help in honing their knowledge in their chosen field whether they are bound for college or seeking employment.

To help students have access to more skill-based learning initiatives, the Dubai government has allocated a substantial amount for projects in education and other industries.

Future Accelerators Programme

The first stage of the Future Accelerators Programme in Dubai will cover 19 projects in education, health, infrastructure and other industries with a total investment 120 million dirhams.

These projects intend to encourage innovative thinking, which will provide modern solutions to current challenges that face global cities. By endorsing projects that use non-traditional thinking, the Dubai government is leading a system that will produce ‘unprecedented results’, according to Mohammed Al Gergawi, Dubai Future Foundation managing director.

If you want to find a successful career in Dubai, you should first do something about your skillset. Learn more to become an impressive applicant.