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Updating Your Home: Building Defences Against Wind Damage

Protect Your Home against Wind DamagesDuring a powerful storm or a tornado, high winds can damage or even topple your home. But wind damage does not only occur in the wake of a calamity, daily exposure to high winds can weaken your walls and roof structure. This is why it’s necessary to strengthen your home and build your defences against wind damage early, and not only during a storm watch.

Reinforce Your Roof

Your roof is your first line of defence during a windstorm. The force of the wind hits your roof first before it moves to the walls and the foundation. If the force is not passed on to the ground, your home may collapse. This is especially true for homes with gabled roofs.

If you have gabled roofs, your home is most likely to suffer and take a good battering. Rapid Loans suggests that if reconstructing your whole roof structure is too extravagant a change for you, you can start with a little retrofitting. It may be costly, but it will offer many years of protection against natural disasters.

Have your roof properly braced or install additional truss bracing to make the truss system stronger. Install new sheathing if the old ones are not properly installed to keep your roof intact during high winds or a powerful storm.

Retrofit Your Doors and Windows

You can also protect your home from high winds by reinforcing your doors and windows, as well as your exterior walls. The idea is to stop the wind from entering the house so as not to put pressure on your roof and walls.

Strengthen your windows and doors to keep the wind out and protect your home from flying debris. If high winds are prevalent in your area or there is a storm watch, cover all your windows and doors with storm shutters, ideally the manufactured ones made of plywood.

If you have French doors or double entry doors, check if an inactive door is secure from top to bottom. Install side locks to your exterior doors and reinforce the hinges so they don’t collapse during a storm. Do the same for your double-wide garage doors, if you have any.

Apart from the force and energy that can cause your home to collapse, wind energy also carries debris, such as shards of hard materials, tree branches and detached roof singles. Flying debris can damage you home’s exteriors, break window or glass doors and put lives at risk. Protect your home and your family by making your house stronger.