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Veteran Ventures: Why Home Inspection Franchises are Ideal for Veterans

a male and a female war veteran sitting on a dining tableThe International Association claims that veterans run 14% of the franchises in the country, accounting for about 66,000 successful ventures. Veterans thrive in this endeavor — the skill set they acquired from their time in service makes them ideal candidates for franchising. That’s why when they’re paired with a lucrative venture like a property inspection franchise, success is almost always guaranteed.

Veterans and a Structured System

Veterans are comfortable with a rigid set of rules. Misty Stutsman, director of the Center for Excellence for Veteran Entrepreneurship at the Syracuse University, says that veterans are used to working under a structured system, that’s why they follow the rules of franchising well. Moreover, they understand that there’s no need to change things, especially if people have already proven that a system works.

Military men themselves acknowledge the inherent entrepreneurial skills that veterans have. The Military Officers Association of America, for instance, claims that veterans are cut out for the world of franchising because of their tenacity, resilience, passion, and ability to lead.

Handling Massive Amounts of Paperwork

Veterans also know how to deal with bureaucracy and massive paperwork in franchising. During their time of service, no matter what their rank, soldiers are immersed in an environment that demands strict compliance with rules and lots of paperwork — and they learn how to cope up with it. Thus, when the time comes to handle the paperwork and bureaucracy of starting a franchise, they are not as overwhelmed as most civilians are.

The Unique Aspects of Home Inspection Franchise

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Veterans who are looking for a great franchise opportunity need only look to a property inspection franchise to see that this is the way to go. In fact, the venture is included in Entrepreneur’s list of 100 veteran-friendly franchises in the country. Its low cost makes it feasible even for veterans who are not financially well-off. Moreover, it does not need a storefront, so the overhead costs are kept to a minimum. What the veteran needs to invest in — marketing, training, reporting, and software — are all included when they buy a franchise.

A property inspection franchise is right in the middle of a growing industry, too. According to the World Property Journal, U.S. home sales will grow by about 3.8% in 2018, fueling the demand for property inspection services and making the business profitable.

Veterans can continue the spirit of serving Americans when they invest in such a venture: by inspecting the property and ensuring that it is structurally sound, they give their clients peace of mind and a safe and happy home, just like when they were in the service.