Web Design: Top 3 Typography Trends You’ll Either Love or Hate

Web Design in MelbourneTypography trends. You could hardly look anywhere and not see them because they are simply everywhere, and not just in websites. Below are three of the most current typography trends in web design you will either love or hate.


Yes, it’s kind of annoying because it’s been associated with yelling since forever, but it does work when you want to SHOUT a particular message and drive it home. This is especially useful with small navigation elements since these require need short phrases, minus the usual flow of lower and upper case reading. Consider phrases and words that are easily read and incorporate more space than you’d typically use around the lettering for optimum readability. It’s likewise excellent for HD hero imagery for a more dominant and eye-catching visual.

  1. Watercolour Typography

From illustrations to typography and backgrounds, watercolour is basically all around you. Its appeal lies in the handcrafted feel it evokes, which makes a seemingly generic design feel more customised. You don’t have to necessarily use a brush script, as is the norm, suggests digital marketing agencies in Melbourne that specialise in web design services. Opt for a typeface that has thick strokes so that colours will stand out, or opt for the opposite, with white lettering and a watercolour background.

  1. Vintage Grunge Typography

Grunge and retro are huge trends in design this 2016, with their vintage and simple, yet elaborate and gritty feel. They also tend to have a customised feel, but not too personal. It’s crucial to note that they’re not readily available anywhere since they’re more often than not custom and don’t include additional styles and characters. Most designers hate them, but you’d still want to consider using them since users love them. Opt for a word or short phrase, a logotype perhaps, and refrain from using it anywhere else on a web page.

Although these three typography trends are the ‘IT’ styles of the moment and are somewhat being overused, they are popular with users and they simply work. You don’t necessarily have to use these trends, but consider your target market in mind because these might actually appeal to them. And remember, you’re selling your site to your target market, not yourself.