What Makes San Diego Schools Tick?

San Diego SchoolSan Diego’s got something to be proud of. Well, nine, actually. NBC reports that nine schools in San Diego are among the best in the nation. Several factors contribute to this, of course.

The cleaning staff

Any school wanting to be San Diego’s best should start with something basic but often neglected: cleanliness. The best schools had been rated based on factors such as performance on state assessments, and frankly, no student will be able to study if they are in a dirty environment.

Every school must consider comprehensive janitorial services at some point to get the job done efficiently, says Forte Commercial Cleaning. It’s not just about keeping the school looking clean. You don’t want students missing school because they are sick.

Education at its best

A school won’t be topping the ranks if it didn’t do well in the area that matters most. That means not just offering the bare minimum. The San Diego High School of International Studies is one of the nine that made it to the lists. With a College Readiness Index of 71.0 and a graduation rate of 98%, it prepares its students for international opportunities. Don’t just prepare your students for work. Prepare them for international excellence.

Extra-curricular activities

When they say learning shouldn’t be confined to the four corners of the room, they meant it. Outside those classrooms, students should have the organizations and clubs to teach them about life skills that better prepare them to excel. They don’t learn confidence in getting an A+ in all their subjects. They need to interact with others to develop social skills. Encourage them to do so, and offer incentives for student participation on top of maintaining good grades.

Schools offer the foundation for learning. They also set a student’s expectation on what they can achieve. Teach them well, and they’ll know they can do anything they set their mind on.