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What You Need to Know Before Franchising a Business

Franchise concept overlaying a businessmanOne of the biggest hurdles that aspiring entrepreneurs have to face is financing. Often times, most companies, such as Starlite Family Fun Center, offer a franchise opportunity and have capital requirements.

To help you understand the requirements better, here are the basic factors associated with a franchise.

Location or Facilities

In certain scenarios, you might have to purchase land or rent a building when setting up a business. So it’s essential to allocate enough money for your monthly lease.

You have to think about the leasehold improvements as well. Although most franchisors will provide allowance for it, it’s always best to have enough cash if in case something unexpected arises.

Sources for Funds

Aside from the bank, you could also try to check if the franchisor offers funding as well. There are a couple of businesses that offer at least 15–75 percent of total debt burden to its franchisees. So try to assess your financing options with them so you won’t have to worry about the entire start-up cost.

Legal Requirements

There are very specific documents that franchisees have to fill out in order to proceed with the transaction. You might want to hire a lawyer who knows a lot about franchising so you’ll get the legal support that you need.

One way to be sure that you’ll only have the best legal support is by shopping around for legal firms and try to get quotes for their services.

Opening a franchise business can be a bit tricky at first. That’s why it’s essential to do your own research to let know you exactly what you’ll be going through. Always try to learn new skills and never be afraid to ask help if you need it.