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What You Should Know Before Buying E-Cigarettes

E-Cigars and its BenefitsCigarette addiction is no joke. Once a person is hooked, it  is an uphill battle before the tobacco dependence is extinguished.

Making the decision to switch from cigarette smoking to using e-cigarettes is already a laudable move, but it can admittedly get quite overwhelming for first-time e-cigarette users to commit to a  starter kit.

How do I choose which device is best for me? How do I care for my device? To answer these common questions, here a few tips to consider before buying your first kit.

What are the parts included in an e-cigarette kit?

The entire device comes in different forms – atomizers, clearomizers, or cartomizers. There is an extensive discussion about their differences, but it really boils down to the preference of the user.

The tank holds the wicks or the filament, the heating coil and the e-liquid. The battery, either built-in or replaceable, powers the device and causes the coils to heat up to create vapor.

What type of tank is best for me?

The answer to this is once again subjective since it is based on the user’s s typical cigarette consumption. Basically, the bigger the tank, the more  area there would be for the e-liquid.

Those who consume half a pack or less in a day should use only 11 milligrams or less, while those who are accustomed to one pack a day should use 18 milligrams. People who  smoke  from one to three packs a day should settle for 18 to 24 milligrams, while extremely heavy smokers could use 36 milligrams.

What should I do when the kit arrives?

As exciting as it might be to give vaping a whirl once the kit arrives, the first order of business is to prep the atomizer or tank. But don’t t worry, the prep time won’t t take long. For atomizers, a drop or two needs to be added before putting on the full cartridge. It then needs to sit for 10 to 20 minutes before the first hit. Meanwhile, clearomizers need to be filled with liquid first before letting it sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Cartomizers, on the other hand, need a longer prep time.

Although E-cigarettes are a healthier alternative than tobacco, this  doesn’t mean that it is completely safe. Vaping could still damage the immune system and cause inflammation in the lungs. It is not advisable for minors to smoke  or use e-cigarettes.