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Why BPOs Choose Philippines as Their Call Center Hub

Call CenterTranscom Philippines once dubbed the Philippines as the “Call Center Capital of the World”. The country has the biggest business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.

Philippines vs. India

Sive Subramaniam, the Transcom Country Manager, said that the country already bypassed India and became the core of the call center industry. Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India (ASSOCHAM) mentioned that they are losing about 70% of the increasing domestic BPO companies, the call centers specially, to the Philippines while it has a huge pool of workers who may apply as call center agents.

ASSOCHAM Secretary General D.S. Rawat also stated that Filipino graduates who can apply as call center agents are “well-educated, English speaking, talented and employable” compared against those from India. About 30% of graduates in the Philippines are “employable”, while only 10% are in India.

In addition to these, Filipino employees have an accent that is more neutral, which is absent in the Indian accent. Trainings for the employees in India also take more time as opposed to the time it takes to train Filipinos.

English-speaking Population

The Philippines has a more similar culture with the United States, which gives its professionals a “unique cross cultural knowledge”, says John Rawlinson, Group Chief Executive Officer of Talent2, the leading HR BPO provider in the country. Filipinos also have an excellent communication skill and a good English grasp according to the Information Technology-Business Processing Association of the Philippines (IBPAP).


Philippine call centers like get good support from the government. Their government make an effort to develop infrastructure programs to attract more investors.

BPO companies are confident that Filipinos are hardworking and can work like other call center agents worldwide with just the same productivity. They also have high hopes on Filipino workers to remain like this despite the overwhelming growth of the call center industry.

This also gives the BPOs more hopes about the country being the new call center capital, making the companies more interested in expanding their business transactions in the Philippines.

Rawlinson also stated that the Philippines is a good location which will develop not only their company’s growth, but also their client’s. Because of these, experts are looking forward to the continuous growth of the industry until 2016 to employ about 4.5 million more, and may become the reason behind the 10% of the national gross domestic product.