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Why It’s Worth it to Buy Ads for Brand Terms

Business MovesHave you ever thought of buying ads for your own brand name? Most people find it odd, but there are businesses that engage in this practice. Before you give in to the cynicism, know that doing this is a good thing for your company. PPC specialists in Denver share these five reasons:

Attracting More Traffic

Ads equate to better traffic – even when you do it for your own brand terms. It may not be much of a contribution in your overall clickthrough rate, but it certainly would help make your brand more visible.

Besting the Competition

You never know what your competition may pull. Some of them might actually use your brand terms to increase their traffic – a practice you can counter by buying your own brand term ads. Doing so helps you cement your position in the SERPs, and it provides no window for Google to replace it with a rich snippet all of a sudden.

Boosting the Score

The quality score of your site is something you would want to increase. This could be an expensive venture, but not if you use brand terms as ads. Brand search terms are rather cheap, so paid search can boost your score without having to invest a sizable part of your marketing budget. Experts at C1 Partners even add that customers can lower their cost per customer acquisition.

Concealing Bad PR

Did a local media outlet report negative things about your brand? Well, brand term ads let you push these news articles below the fold. Having ads show up on top of the SERPs provides twice the amount of space for your brand. Ergo, users are less likely to see the articles that give you bad PR.

Persuasion Through Repetition

Speaking of twice the space, brand ads provide you an opportunity to persuade potential customers more convincingly. When they see that you’re ranked both first and second, they get a sense of authority and trustworthiness from your brand. It convinces them that your website has the answers to their questions.

With these reasons, it’s fairly easy to see why it’s worth it to buy brand terms for your paid ads.