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Why Neoprene Makes Good Knee Braces

Knee Braces in OttawaKnee braces today are made from varied materials. With the help of technology and ingenious thinking, each new design out in the market is an improved one. Neoprene is one of the most popular and newest material used for the manufacturing of knee braces, especially for runners with injuries.

Neoprene is a stretchy material that has been making rounds in the clothing industry the past few years. It is popularly used for bikinis, track suits, sports attires and now, for knee braces. This material is known for its stretch power, durability and flexibility. As a material for a knee brace, it offers a lot of benefits.

Before you head out to buy knee braces in Ottawa, consider the following advantages of neoprene over other materials.

Insulate Joints

Neoprene is mostly used for wetsuits because of its power to retain heat. This material is made from synthetic rubber and it prevents heat from escaping, trapping the heat next to your body. Thus, blood flow increases, which promotes healing around the joints. It is also able to keep the body warm, even during inactivity.

Provide Compression

More than insulation and the retention of heat, neoprene knee braces also provide excellent compression. This purpose is what knee braces are for, mainly. Through this stretchy material, the injured joints receive structural support that not only facilitates faster healing, but also manages the pain well.

Manage Pain

Patellar tracking injuries is one of the most common among runners. This is when the kneecap does not properly track with the thighbone, resulting to friction and then pain. Patellar stabilizing braces are usually made of neoprene, as it helps provide optimal patellar tracking. Some knee braces specific for this injury usually have a strap to hold the patella in place while in motion.

Neoprene braces come in a lot of style and design. Some are simply sleeves that offer compression, while some incorporate hinges, stabilizers or other blocking accessories. Before deciding on the best type of knee brace for your injury, it’s best to consult with an expert or to speak to your doctor.