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Work Hard Play Hard: Working for an Advertising Agency

Advertising Agency in BristolTV shows and movies like “Mad Men” and “Crazy People” have allowed people to explore the world of advertising. It’s exciting and definitely fun. But it’s not exactly pretty to begin with. There are pros and cons, but one thing is for sure: working for an agency can be rewarding and memorable, says an expert from

So what is working for an agency like? If you are planning to take on creatives or accounts positions in an advertising agency in Bristol TN, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

The Setting

If you work at an advertising agency, chances are you get to work at an office with cool interiors and fixtures. It’s a pretty lax workplace, but there are still some rules to keep things in place. There are pool tables, video games, and in some cases, theaters to keep the creatives inspired. Dress code is not that strict, either. You’ll also get to work with different people, from support staff, such as IT and accounting, to snarky and feisty creative directors.

The Pressure

Ad agencies have a high-pressure environment. Conflicts may build up when tackling a project brief. Pulling all-nighters is normal, especially if there’s a pitch coming up. There is a few occasions when you’ll only go home to take a shower and go back to work for a client presentation. Meeting with clients can be also stressful, as they are quick to gun down creative ideas and tend to take each thing literally.

The Rewards

Oftentimes, the rewards outweigh the stress and pressure. If you’re lucky with your agency, you may get to travel the world. You may also get to work with some celebrities. You’ll earn prestige with industry awards, a testament that your work is valued and recognized.

These are only some of the things you need to know if you want to work for an ad agency. Are you up for the challenge?