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Writing an SEO-Friendly Article

Content in handwritingSEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing focuses on engaging search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. It entails keywords and/or keyword phrases that entice audiences to click and do something. Improve your SEO writing skills by reading the tips below.

Make it Count, Literally

Search engines typically give preference to longer blogs and articles as they appear more credible and relevant. When writing an SEO article, work on a 300 to 500-word count. Apart from allowing you to include necessary data, this also prevents a text-heavy article. However, if you are aiming for “in-depth” content, a 1,500 to 2,000-word count works best.

Keywords are the Key

Keywords are essential in every SEO article. Including too many of them, however, can defeat your article’s purpose. According to Coforge Marketing, a company in New York providing SEO services, you can make your keywords stand out to search engine crawlers (as well as readers) by putting them in the title of your blog/article. Placing them in the first and last sentence is a good strategy, too. This is one of the most popular tricks from professional SEO writers.

Headings are Important

Always use headings in SEO articles. Other than keeping your ideas organized and much easier to read, they also provide a great place to insert your keywords. Search engines pay special attention to headings with keywords as they are more noticeable than those in the article body.

Write Relevant Content

SEO writing isn’t only about keywords, headings, and good research. It’s also about providing fresh content that readers will like, comment, and share. An SEO-friendly article must garner enough engagement, both organic and inorganic, to top search engines. Do this by writing something that people care about. Also, make sure that your content is clear, concise, and grammatically correct.

SEO has opened writers to a new writing style and strategy that aligns with marketers and business people. Take advantage of this change and watch your efforts rise to the top.